Can I submit photos of myself?
A: Yes you can. Submit photos here

Where do you find your photos?
A: Various websites. Google, other blogs, Submitted photos etc etc.

Who is this person you posted?
A: Sometimes I can not find the owner or name of the person in some of the photos I post. I will do my best to name who’s who & give credit where credit is deserved.

I submitted a photo, why didn’t you post it?
A: Read this. I have every right to deny any submission sent to me. I have a certain criteria/standard I want to meet with the content of this blog. If I don’t post something you submitted right away, be patient. If you would like to know why something hasn’t been posted feel free to message us here for an explanation. 

How do I get my photos on your blog?
A: You can submit any and all photos here.  You can also message me to see if your photos/submissions fit the requirements I am looking for.

You posted my photo, can you credit me/delete it?
A: If a photo you own or are in belongs to you I’ll happily credit you, just let me know. If you want something removed that belongs to you, tell me and I’ll remove it.